Sunday, October 12, 2008

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With the blessings of General Conference still fresh in our minds and the announcement of a Temple being built in North Kansas City, I thought my cup was full. This last week I have thought so often of Josh and Amanda and great grandchild #19 on the way, and the blessing of their lives, this weekend. This too helped to fill my cup. Last night and today I think has been the most spiritual Stake Conference since we have been here in Missouri.
Last night was a wonderful session, and we were taught and strengthened. Our visiting General Authority brought with him a very special spirit. This morning, our northern units met in the Gallatin Ward, and there he affirmed to us the importance of where we were, and that we were the largest group of Saints to meet in that area since 1838. He spoke of the importance of another large meeting that would be held in the vicinity in Adam Ondi Ahman. He spoke of the blessings of a Temple in Northern Missouri, and the significance of that happening at this time.
This morning as we sat in a crowd of about 700 in the new Gallatin building, we were listening to the business of the Stake being conducted, we found ourselves sustaining Nathan Fish to be advanced to an Elder. What a sweet surprise that was, and such rejoicing and comfort came from the Spirit. This weekend has truly been a blessing of the Priesthood.
How grateful I am to our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, and for our Stake Presidency who have been called to serve in this area, and the General Authorities who teach us, and express their unconditional love. Especially I am grateful this day for the worthy Priesthood in our family. Now my cup runneth over!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

OCTOBER , Bountiful Blessings!

Leaves are falling and mornings are crisp. Beautiful October! Happy Birthday to: JD, Darrell, Melissa, Harold and Amy!
....And another celebration - We have a Temple coming to Shoal Creek.
Our hearts are full just thinking about it! ...And another holiday to
celebrate... OCTOBER 9th! When the Vikings, a group of seafarers from what is now Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, ventured far out into the Atlantic Ocean under the leadership of the Norwegian Erik the Red, they found a new land and named it Greenland. When Erik’s son, Leif, sailed west from Greenland shortly thereafter, he landed somewhere in the vicinity of what is now Newfoundland. Although Eriksson is not officially credited with discovering America, Congress has declared October 9 Leif Eriksson Day. Hurrah! Our Swedish Vikings salute
you Leif, the Norwegian. Oh, I never thought I would say that!


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